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Inlandia Institute's Conversations at the Culver Presents the Spanish Town Heritage Foundation

Culver Center of the Arts

January 5, 2020

Reading and Discussion

Sunday, January 5, 2020, 1:30pm - 3:00pm

Inlandia Institute invites you to celebrate and learn about our area’s Native American connection and our genízaro pioneers.

Find out about the life and times of genízaro pioneers of La Placita/Agua Mansa, Alta California, Mexico, known today as Riverside and Colton, California, USA!

Who were genízaros? Why did they come to Alta California? What were they hoping to accomplish? How did they get here? Why here and not someplace else? 

Let the historical relevance of our region’s Native and Latino heritage wash over you with special guests: UCR Professor Emeritus Dr. Carlos Cortés and La Placita Descendants Leonard Trujillo and Nancy Melendez. 

Learn about the Trujillo Adobe historical site, plans to restore it, and re-ignite the old Spanish Town settlement. Jot down your questions and join this illuminating conversation!

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