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Automatic Drawing on Appropriated Pictures


March 4, 2012

First Sunday Project

Sunday, March 4, 2012, 1pm - 4pm

Using Spirograph drawing tools, participants will create elliptical designs on commercial and academic imagery. Spirographs are created by inserting a pen into a geared wheel within a geared shape. The result is a mathematically perfect drawing. Appropriated imagery consists of pictures and text taken from already produced publications. Anything from old Rolling Stone magazines to Art History textbooks is included. Participants can choose from hundreds of pictures and pages and enhance/deface/decorate/obliterate the imagery with your spirographic drawings. The automated nature of the spirographs and the newly decontextualized pictures will create new works of art where the authorship will be confused, possibly even erased. The image no longer belongs to the publication, but the drawings which you made were created with a machine. Who is behind our cultural production? Consumers? Industries? Confuse the system. Be an artist!

Gluck Fellows Program of the Arts at UC Riverside

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