Flávio Apro - Continental Dialogues on the Guitar

Culver Center of the Arts


Tuesday, April 10, 2018, 7pm

Free Admission!


The idea behind this program is to highlight some multicultural relationships between the musical traditions from four countries, namely Spain, Brazil, France, Italy and USA. These connections are given both from the compositions, the composers or the performer.

The program starts with the intense Fantasia-Sonata, by the Catalan Manén, a huge work that pushes the limits of sound intensities of the guitar. It is followed by an elegant short study by the French composer Napoleon Coste in the best 19th-century salon-style. Portrait is an intimate and meditative short piece composed by the performer himself. Dori Caymmi is a Brazilian popular composer that immigrated to USA, which piece Porto is a good example of his keen ability to describe Brazil’s shore landscapes. An interesting connection can be drawn between Study XI by Francisco Mignone and the 19th-century French poetry of Charles Baudelaire, especially his spleen concept. Sons de Carrilhões by João Pernambuco is a typical Brazilian dance, over which the performer will present some improvisations. Finally, we have a skillful composition by the Italian composer Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, who also immigrated to USA. In this work, the composer puts together some traditions from Celtic and American Jazz.

May the listener enjoy this wonderful trip through time and cultures.


Juan Manén — Fantasia-Sonata Op. A-22 (1930)
    I.      Largo
    II.  Allegro
    III.  Adagio cantabile
    IV.  Allegro assai
    V.  Largo

Napoleon Coste — Study #6 (from 25 Studies Op.38, published in 1873)

Flávio Apro — Portrait (1995)

Dori Caymmi — Porto (1975, arranged by F. Apro)

Francisco Mignone Study #11 (from 12 Studies, 1970)

João Pernambuco — Sons de Carrilhões (arranged by F. Apro)

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco — Suite Op.133 (1947)
    I.         Preludio - quasi un improvisazione
    II.  Ballata Scozzese
    III.  Capriccio

FLÁVIO APRO is recognized for his work as guitarist, producer, researcher, and teacher. He holds a Master degree from UNESP and a Ph.D. from the São Paulo University and was one of the few disciples of the famous Argentinean Adolfina Raitzin, from whom he inherited the Tárrega-Segovia style. Apro is one of the most recognized Brazilian researchers on Musical Performance, with published books and several articles in leading academic journals. In connection with his research, he released the CD “Francisco Mignone - Doce Estudios Para Guitarra”, in Mexico. He performs regularly at the main Brazilian and international concert halls. Apro is also a producer and South American representative of HERMANN HAUSER GUITAR FOUNDATION, a non-profit cultural institution based in Germany, organizing concerts and international competitions. His activity as a teacher is widely respected as the guitar chair of MARINGA STATE UNIVERSITY and visiting researcher at CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY FULLERTON, besides being a guest in several Brazilian and foreign institutions. The Brazilian guitarist released several CDs for the prestigious label Brilliant Classics in Netherlands, such as "Flavio Apro Plays Napoleon Coste", “Nocturne” and “The Brazilian Guitar”, as well as “The Brazilian Guitar” sponsored by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture, all of these available in the international market. Flávio Apro uses Ausgustine Strings on a Sérgio Abreu guitar.

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In collaboration with the UCR Music Department, the Center for Iberian and Latin American Music (CILAM) and the Latin American Studies Program